The history of coffee in Nicaragua began in the mid 1800s, and had a significant role in shaping Nicaragua’s national development and providing the economic backbone for thousands of rural communities. Located in Central America, Nicaragua’s rich biodiversity of lakes and fertile lowland plains has provided the perfect environment for coffee production.

During the late 1990s, coffee annually contributed to US$140 million to the national economy and provided the equivalent of 280,000 agricultural jobs. However Nicaragua’s roaring coffee trade has been hindered by political unrest, civil war and natural disasters heavily impacting on coffee prices and thus on the livelihood of rural families. 48% of the population in Nicaragua live below the poverty line, 79.9% of the population live with less than $2 per day.

These days the popularity of Nicaraguan coffee is growing stronger and coffee supports 45,334 families that own and operate small farms. As 95% of Nicaragua’s coffee farms are micro and small-scale producers, the introduction of the Fairtrade system has made a positive impact by making sure producers are a paid minimum price and producer cooperatives receive an extra amount to further their communities’ development.

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