How should you store your coffee beans?

Did you know that storing your beans incorrectly could be speeding up the staling process of your beans and impacting on the flavour and aroma of your favourite coffee? Exposure to air, moisture and heat will impact on the flavour of your coffee, so follow our tips below on how to best store your coffee and guarantee yourself delicious coffee.


Exposure to air will cause coffee to oxidise and overtime turn rancid. Keep your coffee in an airtight environment. Mink Coffee is packaged in a resealable airtight bag for maximum protection against the elements.

What is the valve on the front of the packaging for?

Freshly roasted coffee will begin to emit carbon dioxide. The one way valve on coffee bags allows for carbon dioxide to escape the bags without building up and bursting the package.

Coffee bean tip: Always buy fresh roasted beans, open the bags one at a time and place in your bean hopper with the Jura Aroma Preservation Lid firmly positioned on top.


Coffee easily absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. Keep your coffee out of the freezer or fridge as it not only absorbs moisture, it also absorbs odours and flavour from the fridge.


In our warm Queensland climate, heat can become an issue for coffee beans. If beans are heated up too much, this causes the oils (coffee flavour) to sweat on the surface of the coffee beans. This will cause your coffee to lose flavour and also aroma from your beloved cup. Essentially store your coffee like wine, in a cool and dark place.