Gilkatho has been purchased by Crema Coffee Garage. We are excited to continue offering this great service with an expanded product range.

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14 years of experience and expertise in office coffee machines

Gilkatho has over 14 years of experience and expertise in providing a premium range of home and professional office coffee machines and premium boutique freshly roasted coffee.

Gilkatho are well equipped to provide your office, break room, hotel and restaurant with the support and knowledge and coffee equipment to make coffee better.

What are the benefits of bean to cup office coffee machines?

1. Machine precision guarantees quality flavour every time

Any coffee purist will tell you that the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground and brewed coffee. This is because the rich flavour of coffee depreciates due to exposure to air, moisture and heat.

2. Speed and convenience

Technological advancements in coffee machine technology has resulted in super automatic coffee machines delivering amazing cafe quality coffee.

There is no need to trade in convenience, as our specially chosen coffee machines are designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain and guarantee you delicious cafe quality coffee every single preparation.

3. Free choice of coffee beans

Tailor your coffee and your tastebuds with your free choice of coffee beans Choose between Gilkatho's range of boutique Mink Coffee, LaZumba Coffee or your choice of specialty coffee. With an automatic coffee machine, you also have the choice to customise the coffee aroma, grind and water temperature for optimum flavour.

Is it time to trade in your old office coffee machine?

If your business owns a coffee machine, consider how many cups of coffee your machine has made and the age of the machine. It's possible that your office coffee machine has made between $50,000 to $240,000 worth of coffee or more in it's life time.

When buying a new coffee machine for the office or coffee break room, consider the size of the office, staff numbers plans for expansion and servicing the machine.

A good quality machine matters as well as a good service support system that will be both responsive and provide your business with the training and maintenance support to ensure your office is always productive.


Coffee & Supplies

The full range of Gilkatho's premium fresh coffee beans, coffee consumables, tea bags, sugar, hot chocolate and more.

For The Office

Avoid the long cafe queues with the convenience of Jura! Jura Professional Office coffee machines are a convenient, time saving and cost saving addition to any office or commercial environment. Designed with high quality materials and Swiss ingenuity, Jura office coffee machines are the market leader of premium quality coffee machines.

Cleaning Supplies

Clean your machine inside and out with these essentials to keep your machine running smoothly and your coffee tasting great.

For The Home

Jura Swiss ingenuity has crafted world-class home coffee machines that are silent, fast, resilient and aesthetically appealing. Jura is the only choice for premium quality coffee at home and is the most highly desired coffee machine brand among coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee Machines & Parts

Experience the joy of that perfect cup: fresh beans and real milk at the push of a button in less than 60 seconds. The full range of automatic coffee machines from Gilkatho are at your fingertips.


Gilkatho provides a Brisbane based fast turnaround and quality servicing of Jura coffee machines.

Exclusive Deals

Keep up your caffeine levels with the best free exclusive coffee offers. Visit often to see the latest monthly offers.